2021 March – Concord York Rite Trestleboard

Greetings Companions and Sir Knights,

Now that it is March we get to come out of Darkness and begin holding our Meetings again. I hope that all you, and your families, are doing well and are healthy. With the Covid Immunizations underway and progressing well in our State, it looks like things are starting to pick up and maybe get back to a more normal life, although I don’t expect it to get back to the way it was for a long time yet.

The Meeting this month will be on Tuesday the 16th at 19:00 (7pm). Since we didn’t get a chance to do it last Fall we will be Opening in Commandery. This will give the Sir Knights a chance to get their uniforms out, dusted off and check the fit before we start another year. We’ll do the Short Form Opening with the Sir Knights present, then open it up so that the Chapter & Council Companions can come in, join us for the Pledge and then take part in the respective business meetings. This will also be the Annual Meeting of all 3 Bodies, including voting on Officers and etc for the upcoming year.

We will be utilizing the Covid-19 guidelines for Meetings, as laid out by our Grand Lodge and adopted by the Grand York Rite Bodies. This will include masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing and etc. I’m hoping to work it so that the business portion can be on Zoom, but nothing definite as of yet. I’ll send out the connections for it the day before, if it works out.

I started another little project a few weeks back after looking thru the list of Sir Knights. While we’re missing some of the dates for Companions either Exalted to Royal Arch Chapter, or Greeted to Cryptic Council, we do have the dates for the Sir Knights being Knighted. I’d like to take a minute and recognize the SK’s that have Milestone Anniversaries this month.

55 years – SK Philip H White, MWPGM

30 years – SK Alvin Davis

20 years- SK David Soroka

5 years – SK George Baldwin
5 years – SK Carlos Cardona Lebrón
5 years – SK Paul Little
5 years – SK Donald Taylor

I would also like to mention a SK whose Anniversary was back in January before I started my project.

SK Edward Rochford who reached his 50th Anniversary on January 26. Congratulations Sir Knight on reaching this outstanding Milestone.

Until we meet again Companions and Sir Knights stay safe and stay healthy.

Dennis Tuttle, Sr

Excellent High Priest Trinity Chapter #2
Illustrious Master Horace Chase Council #4
Eminent Commander Mt Horeb Commandery #3