1st Annual Royal Arch Research Assistance VIRTUAL Fundraising Dinner

NH Royal Arch family,

The Royal Arch Research Assistance is the national charity of Royal Arch Masonry supporting research on Central Auditory Processing Disorder. You can see more about it at www.givetorara.org They are holding an online dinner where they mail you a “make it yourself” meal and then we meet online on March 26 for a program where we can either eat together (or you can eat beforehand). The cost is $30 per dinner or $55 per couple. Once you email [email protected] that they want to attend, He will send payment information. You can pay by check or credit card via PayPal.

So let’s support this great charity with something different with this online dinner. I’ve got my reservation in, hope you join me.

Art Stauff
Chairman NH RAM RARA

On the Precipice of Great Responsibility

Brothers and Companions,
I wish first to thank you all for the confidence you have placed in me. It means a great deal to have your trust, and know that I stand (figuratively of course) before you as, but a servant-leader. To say that this is a humbling experience would be a gross understatement, particularly to be taking the mantle of responsibility in such a tumultuous time. While I cannot change those things that are beyond all of our control and must trust in the Great Architect of the Universe, know that I do not take this duty lightly and look forward to a time when we can all gather together again in fellowship and harmony.
I have been fortunate in my life to have had other opportunities to lead some amazing organizations, but there is a key difference between those bodies and our fraternal society, and it is in that word, fraternal, that gives us a clue to that uniqueness. This speaks to a bond that cannot be expressed accurately and transcends both time & distance. It is our brotherhood, our obligations, and our promises to each other which unites us. However, that bond alone cannot be the only tie we have. If our Rite is to have not just a future, but a firm foundation, we must all pick up the yoke together to move what is a truly heavy burden. As the adage by John Heywood goes, “many hands make light work…”
As a former military officer, we are taught to look strategically at our command, it’s structure, to develop both a mission and a vision, but in this case some of those are defined for us. We exist to answer that request we, and all of fellow brothers, companions, and sir knights made at that altar when we asked for further light. To that end, being an engineer also, I have tried to encapsulate, to me at least, what I see as the “sacred delta” of our Rite. It exists in the simple acronym, T.E.M.P.L.E. Yes, the allusion is an obvious one, but it is that simplicity which I feel best defines what we do. T+E, we must Teach and Educate, not only our members, but ourselves. If we are not conversant in our beliefs, lessons, and morals of our work, how can we ever hope to pass that on to our newest members. M+P, we must Master and Perform, our rituals. It was one of my recent predecessors, MEPGHP Ayen, who said, “do the work” and that still holds true to this day. If we are not doing that, then why are we here? Mastery, as those in the special operations community say, can only be achieved with constant repetition under fire. So, my brothers & companions, we must roll up our sleeves and “do the work”. L+E, Lead and Excel, leadership is not something we are, it is something we do. I have always said, “we lead people and we manage things”. I must inform you we don’t have things…we have people and those people deserve good leadership, so this falls on those not only in such positions in our local and Grand bodies, but to every one of you who holds a dues card. We are all leaders in some capacity and must walk & act as such.
If we truly dedicate ourselves to these things I have talked about, our beloved New Hampshire York Rite will Excel. I thank you all, may the Great Architect of the Universe watch over you, and may you have many years of health & happiness. Be well my brothers & companions, I look forward to the next year and beyond as we Rebuild our T.E.M.P.L.E.

Patrick J. “Sully” O’Sullivan

2020 Annual Meeting Announcement (made on April 18, 2020)

To the Companions and Sir Knights of New Hampshire:

Companions and Sir Knights,
It is with some sadness but with a desire to proceed in all our doings that we are announcing the following:

  • The notice of March 20 by the Grand York Rite Bodies is now void; we are cancelling the July 24 banquet and July 25 in-person annual meetings of the Grand York Rite Bodies of New Hampshire.
  • Rather, on Saturday, May 30, beginning at 9:00 a.m., the three grand bodies will proceed with their annual meetings in a virtual session, as we did with the business meetings on April 4 (they were conducted successfully).
  • The agenda of said meetings will be roll calls of grand officers, roll calls of constituent officers, reports (Credentials, Membership, Treasurer, Secretary, GHP/GM/GC, Jurisprudence), any other business, and voting on constitutional amendments (instructions for voting will be handled on the day).
  • The meetings will begin with Grand Chapter at 9 a.m.; we will take ten-minute breaks in between the meetings and open the next one.
  • Instructions for the virtual meeting will be sent as we get closer to the meeting.
  • The current Grand High Priest/Grand Master, Grand High Priest / Grand Master Elect, and Grand Commander are tentatively suggesting a late summer social gathering where the awards for the 2019-2020 year can be presented; details will emerge as the world returns to normal.

As you know, we are living in extraordinary times, and extraordinary measures are sometimes called for, thus we believe that these measures are necessary.
Please remember that constituent dais officers and grand officers are required to attend (a proxy may be counted for the purposes of constituent bodies), and past heads of bodies are entitled to voting at the meetings.
We thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate these difficult waters.

Fraternally and Courteously,
Paul C. Smith
ME Grand High Priest, Grand Royal Arch Chapter of New Hampshire
MI Grand Master, Grand Council Cryptic Masons of New Hampshire

SK David S. Collins
RE Grand Commander, Grand Commandery Knights Templar of New Hampshire

Dennis A. Sheridan
RE Grand Secretary-RI Grand Recorder-E Grand Recorder

Click HERE to Download a PDF version of this Announcement