Rochester York Rite Notice – April 2016

Rochester TB 160405-corrected

Rochester York Rite Stated Meetings, April 5, 2016: (Corrected Annual to Stated)
6:30 PM: Supper provided by the Rochester Rainbow Assembly. Ladies, as always you are our guests.
7:30 PM: Annual Meetings: Chapter, Council, and Commandery. (Bold opens. Italics present the program)
A discussion and approval of the final draft of the Chapter, Council and Commandery By-Laws will be
presented at this evening’s program.
Other NH York Rite Events:
April 16, Saturday, Tilton, Annual Business Meetings: 8:30AM Chapter; 9:45AM Council, 11AM Commandery –
1PM Work, 12:15PM Lunch. Knight York Cross of Honor will meet following the luncheon. Annual Sessions on May 14.
Note: Top 3 Officers of each subordinate body are required to attend the Business and the Annual Meetings.
We will vote on the Rochester By-Laws which are being updated. Of interest to all are the new fees and dues, so come
and vote as your conscience directs. The new and (old) fees are listed below:
Fees to Join (Initiation fee) will be: Chapter $35 ($25), Council $25 ($13), and Commandery $50 ($40).
Annual dues, payable each January 1 will be: Chapter $5 ($18) Council $25 ($13), Commandery $40 ($30)
History of Rochester York Rite: We still need a Historian. If you would like to be involved, please contact any officer.
The Annual Grand York Rite Meetings will be in Portsmouth: Banquet May 13, 2016, 6PM Social, 7PM Dinner. Annual
Meetings May 14, 9AM Commandery, 11 AM Chapter, 1215 PM Council, 1:15Pm Luncheon, 2:30PM Installations.
“A Triple Tau is literally “three Tau’s,” the tau being the nineteenth letter in the Greek Alphabet. The Tau is not our
English letter “ T “. The Triple Tau of Royal Arch Masonry actually consists of 3 T’s linked in the center joined at their
based. Now that we see as it really is – in parts, this mystical character can be signified in a few different ways. First, the
names Hiram of Tyre, and Hiram Abif, appear in the Phoenician language with the same letters “H” and “T” as they do in
English. Therefore, the Triple Tau takes on the interpretation of the initial letters in Hiram Abif’s name, similar to a brand
in the Ole West or a Mark Master Mark. Second, it signifies also T. H., Templum. Hierosolym, the Temple of Jerusalem,
and when used as the Royal Arch symbol, some jurisdictions teach that the wearer acknowledges himself a servant of
the true God; who had there established His worship, and to whose service that glorious Temple was erected. Templum
Hierosolym is a Latin term. Thirdly, Christians in Greek or Roman influence anciently used a “Tau Cross.” So, the basis of
a Triple Tau in early church history would mean the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This Royal Arch symbol
therefore aptly recalls to our minds our constant duty to offer worship to The Great Elohim; The Most High: The
Everlasting: The Almighty God.” Extract from Texas, The Grand Royal Arch Chapter of. The Grand Royal Arch Chapter of
Texas. n.d. PDF . March 2016.
Daniel P. Gilbert, High Priest Glen E. Eldredge, Thrice Il Master Ronald J. Brown, Commander
603-834-1927 603-509-0638 603-332-2045
Temple Chapter No 20 Orient Council No 14 Palestine Commandery No 11
Attest: H. Stephen Wood, Secretary-Recorder;
H: 603-522-3842 C: 603-978-1895 Email: [email protected]