NH Grand Chapter Festival Exalts 43 New Companions

Good Work, Square Work, Just Such Work As Is Wanted For The Completion Of The Temple!

It was my extreme pleasure to be a part of today’s Grand Chapter Festival. held in Manchester on 3-9-19.  As the Grand Secretary, I had to account for the candidates registering for the degrees. Just imagine my amazement when the numbers grew over what was the previously  listed.

It was our honor today to exalt 43 new Companions to the Royal Arch degree. The Grand High Priest, ME Comp. Paul C. Smith, arranged 4-degree teams from around the State to work together for this assignment. The teams he selected did an outstanding job presenting each of the degrees. Ex. Comp. Jack Marston lead the Most Excellent Master Degree team and started the day off to a great start. Ex. Comp Kaleb Brown led the Past Master degree with fine fashion. Then ME Comp. Bradley Alderfer did an very exceptional job leading the Most Excellent Master Degree.

After lunch, RE Comp. Thomas Tsirimokos did the High Priest role for the Royal Arch Degree with ME Comp. Richard Cole doing Principle Sojourner and ME Comp. Brad Alderfer as Captain of the Host. This team has apparently worked together before. It was an outstanding presentation that got a standing ovation.

Closing greetings were given by selected dignitaries of which I was honored to be included. I thank the 30 plus NH Companions that came to observe and perform the degrees for these candidates. We also had several well-known Craftsmen in the class of candidates.

Excellent job, Most Excellent Paul! Great way to help celebrate the Bi-Centennial Year!


Dennis A. Sheridan

Grand Master General

Convent General Knights of the York Cross of Honour


NH York Rite Visitations

Grand Chapter:
Trinity Chapter: September 18 (Smith)

Washington Chapter: October 9 (Collins)
Meridian Sun Chapter: September 10 (Smith)
Mt. Horeb Chapter: March 27, 2019 (Smith)
North Star Chapter: October 23 (O’Sullivan)
King Solomon Chapter: October 17 (Smith)
Temple Chapter: September 27 (Tsirimokos)
Hiram Chapter: July 9 (Smith)
Grand Council:
Adoniram Council: March 27, 2019 (Smith)
Horace Chase Council: October 16 (Smith)
Davenport Council: December 11 (O’Sullivan)
Israel Hunt Council: December 10 (Collins)
Evening Star Council: September 25 (Tsirimokos)
Orient Council: October 25 (Smith)
Grand Commandery Inspections:
February 2 2019: Red Cross (Concord) 10 a.m.
February 23 2019: Malta (Location TBD) 10 a.m.
March 16 2019: Order of the Temple (Manchester) 10 a.m.

2018 Grand York Rite Annuals

The Grand Royal Arch Chapter,  The Grand Council Cryptic Masons and The Grand Commandery Knights Templar of NH will hold their Annual meetings on Saturday May 12, 2018 at the Masonic Temple in Concord, NH.

The Grand Banquet will be at the Holiday Inn in Concord on Friday May 11th at 7:00 p.m.



Dennis A. Sheridan, Grand Secretary-Recorder

NH Grand York Rite Annual Sessions (May 13-14, 2016)

This is to announce the details of the 2016 NH Grand York Rite Annual Sessions to be held in Portsmouth, NH on Friday, May 13th and Saturday, May 14th. The deadline for registration is May 1st, after which date we cannot guarantee your spot at the annual for meals or rooms.

2016 Grand York Rite Reservation Form

Please contact Dennis Sheridan with any questions about this event.

DeMolay Thank You to Grand Chapter

Date: Sun, May 10, 2015

ME Scott Ayen
ME Grand High Priest
Grand Royal Arch Chapter of
New Hampshire

Dear Companion and Dad Ayen,

On behalf of the young men of New Hampshire DeMolay we want to thank you and your Royal Arch Companions for your generous contribution to our educational programs.

This and other recent donations will allow for our State Junior Councilor Tim Sprague to attend a DeMolay Leadership Conference in Oklahoma. He will be spending a week immersed in a program that will help him improve his skills as a DeMolay State Officer.

We will also be sending four or five DeMolays to Region 1 Leadership Training at Camp Lions Pride, New Durham, NH. They will spend their week gaining knowledge about DeMolay and how they can help lead their local Chapter.

We are very pleased to see the ties between NH Royal Arch Masons and NH DeMolays being re established.

Please feel free to share this with your membership!

Thank you,
Scott F. Jenckes, State Master Councilor
George L. Baldwin, Executive Officer
New Hampshire DeMolay