On Saturday March 24, 2018, the final Commandery Inspection of the year was held in Lancaster. Eight new Sir Knights joined the ranks of the Order. There were 41 Knights Templar present for the occasion. 
The combined talents of members from Concord joined with Lancaster to put on an impressive event.
This was the final Inspection for our Right Eminent Grand Commander, Sir Knight Paul C. Smith.  His two year term will conclude at the annual Conclave of the Grand Commandery, which will occur on May 12th in Concord.


Dennis A. Sheridan, Grand Recorder

Illustrious Master/Eminent Commander’s Message (May 20, 2014)

Greeting Companions and Sir Knights,
I thank you for the honor of electing me as the Illustrious Master of our Council this past March and look forward to the work that Chapter will be sending our way. I also thank the Sir Knights for this past year as Eminent Commander and look forward to my second term if that be you will.
Please be ready to discuss some possible dates for our Council Visitation as well as for our Commandery when we meet next Tuesday (May 27th). Some items up for discussion are the “whys” and “how’s” of what we do as well as understanding those pesky “unwritten” rules that crop up every so often.
During our Commandery meeting I would like to work on some of the Tactics used during our Opening/Closing, not waiting until we have degree work or our Visitation, to refresh ourselves. I hope that some of you sitting on the sidelines will be willing to assist the officers in these endeavors.

See you next week…