Grand Chapter Committees

Regular Committees 2018-2019

RICHARD F. COLE, JR., Paul M. Leary, R. Bradley Alderfer, Scott M. Ayen
PAUL C. SMITH, Patrick J. O’Sullivan, Thomas X. Tsirimokos, David S. Collins, David R. Walters ex officio
Publicity and Public Relations:
DENNIS A. SHERIDAN, Earl W. Cole, Jr. , Jackson e. Marston
ROBERT M. PORTER, Kaleb R. Brown, Benjamin J. Langlois
Fraternal Correspondence:
DENNIS A. SHERIDAN, Robert M. Porter
Education and Membership:
DANIEL P. GILBERT,  David S. Collins, Patrick J. O’Sullivan, Joesph J. Rella, Michael J. Tebbets, Paul C. Smith ex officio
Youth Organization:

Special Committees 2018-2019

RARA/Charitable Endeavors:
York Rite Cooperation:
PAUL C. SMITH, Patrick J. O’Sullivan
Grand Regulations Review:
SCOTT M. AYEN, Paul C. Smith, Paul M. Leary, Andy M. Lord
PAUL C. SMITH, Thomas X. Tsirimokos,  Patrick J. O’Sullivan, David S. Collins

Strategic Plan: Elected Line, Arthur W. Stauff, Andy M. Lord, Michael Cramer, David R. Walters, Dennis A. Sheridan, Daniel Perry

*-Chairman of the committee is listed in ALL CAPS.

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