Granite State Conclave Red Cross of Constantine

An Honorary & Invitational Masonic Body


Robert M. Porter
Puissant Sovereign

Dennis A. Sheridan
Intendant General

KC Earl Cole received his Viceroy degree at Harrisburg, PA. Pictured with MI Grand Sovereign Marcos Ostrander and the IG

Officers for 2022-2023

Robert M. Porter Puissant Sovereign
Earl W. Cole, Jr. Eminent Viceroy
R. Bradley Alderfer Senior General
Kaleb R. Brown Junior General
David R. Walters Treasurer
Dennis A. Sheridan, P.S. Recorder
Joseph J. Rella Prelate
Daniel R. Hotchkiss Orator
John A. Loven Prefect
Ronald J. Brown Standard Bearer
Dennis A. Tuttle, Sr. Herald
Arthur W. Stauff Sentinel
R. Daniel Perry 1st Aide
Samuel J. Varjabedian 2nd Aide
Arthur W. Stauff Trustee
Samuel J. Varjabedian Trustee
Daniel R. Hotchkiss Trustee
Recorder Contact Info
Dennis A. Sheridan
PO Box 621, Littleton, NH 03561
(603) 444-7195
E-Mail [email protected]

Next Conclave – August 05, 20223- in Tilton, NH