2021 June – Concord York Rite Trestleboard

Greetings Companions and Sir Knights,

I hope that all is well with you and that you all are healthy. It appears that the Covid problem is easing up and things are getting back to normal, or at least closer to normal. As I look out the window watching the light rain, which we are supposed to have off and on for the next few days, I have two different thoughts. One is that it’s a good thing, because we need the rain. Some of the brooks and swamps were getting lower than normal for this time of year. The other is a little sadness at a possible poor weather three-day weekend and disrupting the beginning of people’s summer season. But then I think maybe that’s the way it should be once in a while, maybe it needs to be dreary and dismal to remind us of what this weekend and Holiday are for. We have several of these Military related Holidays a year, “Armed Forces Day”, a couple weeks ago, for the ones who are still in uniform, “Veterans Day” in November for those who once served and “Memorial Day” this Monday for those who served and ended up giving their all. Maybe we need a rainy day to reflect on what their sacrifice has meant for us all, especially in these trying and disturbing times.

June begins our period of Darkness, there are no Stated Meetings until September, when we will again come out of Darkness. I don’t anticipate any Special Meetings during the Summer, but if we do there will be plenty of notice sent out. I do however anticipate some rehearsals for the various Degrees. The current plan is to start with a Council Meeting in September and conduct the Royal and Select Master Degrees. This will allow any of our Royal Arch Companions who are ready to be able to take the Orders when they’re given in October. We will do the Past Master and Most Excellent Master Degrees in either October or November, depending on when Most Excellent Grand High Priest Tsirimokos does an Official Visit. They’re the Degrees we’re scheduled to do, plus it will get our Mark Masters ready for the Royal Arch that MEHP Tsirimokos is hoping to do in December.

You and your families have a wonderful summer Companions, enjoy the warmth and sunlight. Remember, if you’re able, to fly your flag on Flag Day, June 14th and Independence Day, July 4th. For the Officers, I’ll be in touch about rehearsals and parts in the near future.

Dennis Tuttle, Sr

Excellent High Priest Trinity Chapter #2
Illustrious Master Horace Chase Council #4
Eminent Commander Mt Horeb Commandery #3