NH Hosts the North-East College Regional In Portsmouth 9/22/19


September 22, 2018

This year’s North-east Regional College Meeting was held on Saturday September 21, 2018, in Portsmouth N.H. There were over 50 Companion Knights present and 4 candidates for the Order of York.

The Degree Team consisted of volunteers from Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut with the New Hampshire members who performed excellent work for our new Companion-Knights.

Among those present included Right Eminently Distinguished Brother Raymond E. Hassell, who is a Regent for the New England area. There were many Grand Governors, Past Grand Governors, Past and Present Deputy Grand Governors as well as officers from the various Colleges present. Three of the four Past Grand Governors of NH were there to welcome our new Grand Governor Right Eminently Distinguished Brother Paul M. Leary.

Pictured on the attached link is Regent Raymond E. Hassell and the degree team who performed the Order of York for the Assembly. Next year the Regional will be hosted by Green Mountain College #139 of Vermont.

Pre-eminent Governor Robert M. Porter received the Service Award from the York Rite Sovereign College of N.A. and it was presented to him at the beginning of the Regional Assembly.

After closing, the Companion Knights joined in a Testimonial dinner in honor of Past Grand Governor Richard F. Cole, Jr. and some fond memories were shared.

Fraternally yours,

Dennis A. Sheridan, OPC

Past Grand Governor NH





Dennis A. Sheridan Installed as Grand Master General 15 Sept 2018

At the Annual Conclave of Convent General, Knights of the York Cross of Honor, in Des Moines, Iowa, Dennis A. Sheridan was installed as the Most Eminent Grand Master General for the 2018-19 year. He is the first NH Mason to achieve that honor.

Convent General is well known for their support of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center making annual donations for the last 39 years.  Next year the Session will be in NH and offering a tour of their facility as part of the 3 day program beginning October 3-5 2019.

See link for Officer pictures.


NH York Rite Visitations

Grand Chapter:
Trinity Chapter: September 18 (Smith)

Washington Chapter: October 9 (Collins)
Meridian Sun Chapter: September 10 (Smith)
Mt. Horeb Chapter: March 27, 2019 (Smith)
North Star Chapter: October 23 (O’Sullivan)
King Solomon Chapter: October 17 (Smith)
Temple Chapter: September 27 (Tsirimokos)
Hiram Chapter: July 9 (Smith)
Grand Council:
Adoniram Council: March 27, 2019 (Smith)
Horace Chase Council: October 16 (Smith)
Davenport Council: December 11 (O’Sullivan)
Israel Hunt Council: December 10 (Collins)
Evening Star Council: September 25 (Tsirimokos)
Orient Council: October 25 (Smith)
Grand Commandery Inspections:
February 2 2019: Red Cross (Concord) 10 a.m.
February 23 2019: Malta (Location TBD) 10 a.m.
March 16 2019: Order of the Temple (Manchester) 10 a.m.